Bộ chia/Multiplexer 9 camera TCP-109D/TBP-109D
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Giá: 1 USD / 1 Bộ

- With the latest advanced technology design, a brand-new 9 channel duplex
multiplexer will give you the best quality in live monitoring and tape playing.

- Full duplex operation allows to record and play up to 9 cameras simultaneously
via 2 VCRs.

- Available for full frame pictures recording from up to 9 different image
sources via a single VCR while simultaneously monitoring them on a monitor.

- Perfectly synchronous recording that can be set on the menu or via the Switch
input jack to trigger. No specific VCR is required when recording.

- Adjustable impedance, brightness, contrast, color tint for each camera inputs.

- Option available to watch 9, 4 splited pictures, or PIP, or any camera full

- During VCR playback, option available to watch the pictures in the formats of
the full screen, 9, 4 splited pictures, PIP and still, etc.

- Available to connect 3 particular monitors for surveillance, no any of the
pictures is missed.

- Built-in time/date generator, plus 8 character camera title function.

- Provides on-screen set-up menus for ease of operation.

- Control by computor via RS-232 port greatly enhance product application. 100
alarm records available to automatically record the sensor alarm and video loss
channel with time/date stamp.

- Provides automatic video loss and alarm detection, products two different
alarm sounds.