Bộ hiển thị phụ Hochiki HRAM-208
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Giá: 278 USD / 1 Bộ


- 8 Bi-Colored LEDs which are automatically configured for either Alarm (Red) or
Supervisory (Amber) to match the Series 200 Fire Alarm Control Panels

- Signal Silence, Buzzer Silence, Lamp Test and System Reset switches - LEDs for
Power On, Common Trouble and Signal Silence - Equipped with a keyswitch which
allows for enabling and disabling of the Common Control functions - Each point
can be identified by the corresponding label beside the LED - Mounts in a
standard 4-gang electrical box - Up to three HRAM-208 Remote Annunciators can be
used with the HCP-204 and HCP-204E Fire Alarm Control Panels