Trung tâm báo cháy Hochiki HCP-1008ES
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Giá: 400 USD / 1 Bộ

Hochiki’s HCP-1008ES Fire Alarm Control Panel is a microprocessor based unit
designed for maximum flexibility and easy installation. Fully configurable from
the front panel using the push buttons and SLIDE switches, it enables the user
to configure the system to meet their specific requirements.

The HCP-1008ES consists of one HMCC-1024-6S Main Chassis in an HBB-1024
Enclosure. The HMCC1024-6 Main Chassis comes complete with 8 Class B (Style B)
Initiating Circuits which may be configured as 4 Class A (Style D) Circuits. It
can be expanded up to 24 Class B or 12 Class A circuits with the addition of two
HDM-1008 Initiating Circuit Modules. In addition it comes equipped with 4 Class
A/B (Style Z/Y) Indicating circuits which are each rated at 1.7 Amps. The Main
Chassis also includes a 6 Amp Power Supply which powers the system and supplies
two 4-wire resettable regulated smoke power supply of 24 VDC 200mA maximum each.
The HMCC-1024-6S also allows for the addition of two HSGM-1004 Signal Modules or
two HRM-1008 Relay modules in place of the HDM-1008 Initiating Circuit Adder
Modules. (Maximum of 2 Adder modules and 1 communication module).

The cabinet is available in a beige color for the Canadian market and a red
exterior for the U.S. and international markets. A Fire Retardant Lexan Window
in the hinged door allows for viewing of the status LEDs. It comes with a
durable CAT-30 lock and key. Space is provided for up to 17 AH Gel Cell

Hochiki's HCP-1008ES is designed as an economical Microprocessor Based Fire
Alarm Control Panel which is expandable up to 24 display points. Its modular
design suits various applications. Ideal for applications such as small
institutional and commercial buildings, shopping malls, offices and public
establishments, the HCP-1008ES is configurable to meet virtually all
requirements. The panel is designed to be easy in its installation, operation
and maintenance. This makes the system cost effective and very reliable for its
intended applications.


8 Class B (Style B) Initiating Circuits which may be configured as 4 Class A
(Style D) Circuits. Expandable up to 24 Class B or 12 Class A Initiating

4 Class A/B (Style Z/Y) Indicating Circuits with individual trouble indicators
(1.7 Amps max. per circuit)

Each Indicating Circuit can be configured as Silenceable or Non-Silenceable.
Audibles may be configured as Steady, Temporal Code, California Code or March

Each Initiating Circuit can be configured as Alarm, Supervisory, Waterflow or

Two outputs for 4 wire resettable smoke power supply (200 mA Max. each)

Alarm Verification on Initiating Circuits

Easy configuration via push buttons and SLIDE switches on the front panel